Erin Bouffe 5th October 2018

Drone photo at 80ft, the large pool and a number of smaller pools are visible. The linear objects leading from the pool are caused by visitors breaching the walls of the pool to divert the mud to slide on it. Most of the pools are filled with water and not mud.

Photo montage of the main Erin Bouffe area, 22 vents were active on the 5th October down from 26 in 2015

Main mud pool, large gas bubbles are rising in the centre, rings of an oil film are present in the mud

Water filled pool, only a few gas bubbles are being released

Liquid mud is being discharged from the vent that is partially hidden by bushes

Photo montage of the Central Erin Bouffe area, 10 vents were active on the 5th October up from 5 in 2015

Small mud pool at the side of a road, its position has not changed since 2010

small cone that is releasing episodic liquid mud flows