Devil’s Woodyard 17th February 2018

Panoramic view looking north, concentric circles are visible around the centre of the mudflow

surface layer of soil and grass have been bulldozed and plied up by the injected and erupted mud

Close up of grass, splattered mud is from the last eruption at around 9 am

SW – NE Fault that extends through the mudflow , the area on the left (west) has been pushed slightly up and over the right (east) side

Diagram showing the location of the new activity in relation to activity in 2017 and new faults

western edge of the erupted mud an location of faults on a Google Earth image

Examples of faulting on the western side of the eruption

Large”crack” in front of the mud flow on the northern side, the ground has been stretched

Sand rich band within mudflow

Liquid mud oozing near the centre of the eruption

Clasts recovered on 17th February 2018 from the mudflow – biostratigraphic analysis of foraminifera indicate all the material is Miocene in age.