L’Eau Michele



Video of drive to L’eau Michele

Main vent / pool 20 May 2009

20 May 2009

Second pool

Edge of the main pool has subsided, probably due to the  flow of mud

Oil floating on the surface of the mud in pool #2

Lower cone 674873 1115452 (UTM Naparima)

Looking down onto the top of the lower cone

Small rock fragments weathered out of the erupted mud

28 March 2010

Main Pool

Second pool, all activity has ceased

6 March 2013

main pool looking south

Main pool

Mud flowing down the hill

Lower cone 674873  1115452 (UTM Naparima)

Upper pool 674883  1115464 (UTM Naparima)

close up of bubbles in the pool

30 March 2018

Main pool at L’Eau Michele – note the level of the pool is significantly lower than in 2015 due to visitors diverting the mud  to allow sliding downhill

Upper pool 674883 1115464 (UTM Naparima), nearly all the vegetation has been removed , trees included, as part of an “upgrade” of the site

drone photo of the main pool with mud flowing to the SW, clearly visible around the pool is concentric subsidence failures

15th May 2022

View looking to the north of the tassik and main vent, most of the sheds that were built for visitors have been burnt and vandalised. Most of the natural vegetation that included thick clumps of bromeliads have also been removed by workers of the organisation maintaining the site
Overhead drone photo of the main pool, there is one main point of gas escape. The side of the pool has been breached by visitors who use the mud to slide down the hill to the south. It would flow naturally to the east if undisturbed.