Piparo Mud Volcano – 28th September 2019

Drone photo taken at a height of 51ft. There has been little change in the amount of faulting since the 23rd September.

Location of “faults” and active vents from which gas is being released

Comparison of the location of faults between the 23rd and 28th September. There is no significant change in their position and length. The difference in their position of the is due to the inability to position the photos in exactly the same place and height

Closeup of the new vent, the mud has solidified and only natural gas is being released

Drone photo taken from 70ft, no mud is being ejected from the vent. Only some gas (methane) is being discharged, there is NO Sulphur or hydrocarbon odours. Faults run through the cone, there is subsidence between the faults. No lateral or strike slip motion is visible

View looking south, this is the central area of maximum subsidence and the land has moved down to the east along the faults

view looking north, here fractures are tensional.