Tabaquite Mud Volcano

Link to video of the mud volcano

The Tabaquite Mud volcano, or as it is sometimes called the “Brickfield” Mud Volcano erupted at the end of July 2019. The exact date is not known as it was located in a large overgrown teak plantation. The coordinates of the location of the eruption is UTM E690087 N1144677 (Naparima Datum).

Topographic map showing the location and extent of the July 2019 eruption. Note the the “vent” is located on a topographic high.

Surface geology map showing the location and extent of the July 2019 eruption as compared to legacy mud flows.

Approximate size of the area covered by the mudflow and disturbed vegetation

Head of the mudflow, this may be vent from which mud was erupted and later flowed in a northerly direction

Drone photo showing the extent and direction the flow of mud and the area of toppled trees. From an examination of the deformation of the surrounding area and flow patterns of the mud flow it seems that there were two parts to the eruption. Firstly, vertical discharge of mud and its subsequent falling back to the ground. This would have created the pressure ridges of the periphery of the flow, the mud then spread out, primarily to the north following the “low” topography. This pushed trees outward, felling a number of them. Secondly, the middle of the flow being still very fluid started flowing northward. This is clearly seen as strong lineations on either side of the flow. At the toe (end), the ground surface was pushed up and a large number of trees felled.

View looking north

View looking east

Surface of the mudflow , abundant small clasts of various lithologies are present. Even though the surface appears firm it is just a thin crust below which is extremely soft. The origin of the mud should be from the Nariva Formation, as it is the only clayprone interval present in the area. As such clasts should be primarily of Nariva age or younger.

A variety of clasts were recovered from the mudflow


Large Nariva sandstone clast

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