Mud Volcanoes

Map showing the location of onshore mud volcanoes in relation to the oilfields.

Location of active and fossil mud volcanoes (after Higgins and Saunders 1974) and the location of oil fields in Trinidad

Origin of mud volcanoes



Impact of Eruptions

Tabaquite Mud Volcano

Devil’s Woodyard

Cascadoux Mud Volcano

Karamat Mud Volcano

Lagon Bouffe

Point Radix

Quinam Road

Digity Mud Volcano

L’Envieusse Mud Volcano

Anglais Point

Palo Seco Mud Volcano

Marac Mud Volcano

Erin Bouffe

L’Eau Michele


Piparo Mud Volcano


Rock Dome

Moruga Bouffe

Mudflow deposits at Taparo Point

Mudflow deposits at Erin Point

The term “mud-volcano” generally is applied to a more or less violent eruption or surfaces extrusion of watery mud or clay which almost invariably is accompanied by methane gas, and which commonly tends to build up a solid mud or clay deposit around its orifice which may have a conical or volcano-like shape. The source of a mud volcano commonly may be traced to a substantial subsurface layer or diapir of high¬ly plastic, and probably undercompacted, mud or shale. Mud volcanoes also commonly appear to be related to lines of fracture, faulting, or sharp folding. There appears to be a close in¬terrelation between undercompacted (overpres¬sured) muds or shale bodies, mud or shale diapirs, mud lumps, and mud volcanoes; and all degrees of gradation from one to another. Mud volcanoes are one of the most useful surface sources of information on the nature of ma¬terials in mud diapirs and undercompacted shale bodies.
The motivating force responsible for a mud volcano is, in part, simply the weight of rock overburden borne by the fluid content of un¬decompacted shales. However, mud volcanoes all over the world are associated so invariably with quietly or explosively escaping methane gas that it is reasonable to conclude that the presence of methane gas in the subsurface is also an essential feature of the phenomenon. The mud of the volcanoes is a mixture of clay and salt water which is kept in the state of a slurry by the boiling or churning activity of escaping methane gas. Probably the methane gas was derived either directly from organic matter in muds or shales or from secondary accumulations in sand stringers within the source-rock shale or from larger reservoirs just above or just below such shales. Some liquid oil often, but not always, is associated with the hydrocarbon gases of mud volcanoes.
Commonly the activity of a mud volcano is simply a mild surface upwelling of muddy and usually saline water accompanied by gas bubbles. However, many ,instances are known of highly explosive eruptions where large masses of rock have been violently blown out hundreds of feet into the air and scattered widely over the countryside. These intermittent violent eruptions strongly suggest that motive force is not merely weight of gradually in¬creasing overburden but is due to periodic buildup and release of internal pressure from the generation of methane gas within the shale body or diapir. (Hedberg, H.D. , 1974 , Role of methane generation to undercompacted shales, Shale diapirs and mud volcanoes. Bull. AAPG, V. 58, No. 4, P. 661 – 673)

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