Digity Mud Volcano

The mud volcano is located at E 0673357, N 1126421 (UTM Naparima datum)

Surface geological map after Higgins showing the location of the mud volcano in relation to the Barrackpore field

Well cross section to illustrate the subsurface shape of the Digity MV

Digity in 1991

March 2001

Location UTM (Naparima Datum) : E 06723357 N 1126241, 63’ msl.
Digity Mud volcano 28th Feb. 2003 The Digity Mud Volcano is located in a slight saddle separating the Penal and Barrackpore areas. The mudflow covers an area of 5 acres. The cone  is 20′ high with mud and gas being ejected very infrequently (22/2/2003) It appears also that the amount of mud being ejected is directly related to the amount of rainfall, since in the dry season little or activity is present. Meteoric water is thus important here.

25 March 2003

Mud in the vent 25 March 2003

13 September 2003

Looking into the vent

22 February 2004

19 February 2006

Clasts washed out of the mud flow

March 2008 – looking at the cone from the north

Looking at the cone from the west

Pools to the west of Digity mud volcano 12 February 2012

Oil floating in pool of mud and water, unfortunately persons who visit the area throw their garbage into the mud

Oil floating in pool of mud and water

12 February 2013

Crater at top of the cone

Mud pools to the west of the main cone

Mud pool with oil scum

Overhead view of Digty Mud Volcano

Digity Mud Volcano looking south 16 June 2017