Morne Diablo Bay to Siparia Point

Drone video of the Morne Diablo beach in the vicinity of the fishing centre, clearly seen in the photo below are the slumped claystones and siltstones of the Cruse Formation and a number of fractures and “faults” that have a NW – SE orientation.

Fracture orentations for the Morne Diablo area

Photo montage of outcrops along the Morne Diablo coastline.

View towards Spiaria point

Siparia Point (March 2007) – western side of the headland, sands tend to be parallel bedded and are underlain by a slumped claystone that has incorporated some of the surrounding sands

Macaronichnus and Thallasanoides at Siparia Point

View looking west from 667967  1113425

View looking west from 667967 1113425


Slumped claystones

Series of normal faults showing a synthetic and antithetic relationship

Thin lignite beds within sands

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Rippled sands at 671924  1113659, trace fossils are also present